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Welcome to Mesa Middle Social Studies
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Social Studies 7 Essential Standards:
1. I will be able to read a passage and determine the central meaning of that passage, as well as, determine the difference between Primary and Secondary sources.
Learning Targets:
  • 1.1: Determine the difference between primary and secondary sources.
  • 1.2: Determine the central meaning of a passage.
  • 1.3: Determine the validity of a source.
2. I will be able to make a claim and use reasons and evidence to support that claim.
Learning Targets:
  • 2.1: Students will make clear and relevant claims.
  • 2.2: Students will use valid reasoning to support their claims
  • 2.2: Students will use valid reasoning to support their claims.
Stay tuned for more content standards as we develop them throughout the year.


Social Studies 8 Essential Standards
Content Emphasis:
  • What were the causes and effects of European colonization in North America?
  • Why was there an American Revolution? Causes and effects?
  • How and why is power divided in US govt?
  • What are the basic rights protected under the Bill of Rights?
  • How did the United States add new territory and what were the causes and effects of these additions?
  • How did differences between North and South lead to a debate over slavery and eventually the Civil War?
  • How have events from the past shaped our modern world?
Common Core Emphasis:
  • Claim Reason Evidence (focus on Reason)
  • Speaking/Listening
  • Research/Source Analysis
Social Studies Information and Policies
When and How to Get Help
Mr. Fastlaben: You can always find me in room 301 at break, lunch, and after school. Please come by if you have questions, need help, missed class, or if you just want to chat. You can also e-mail me if you want to set up an appointment. You can reach me [email protected]. I will also be sending weekly Parent Square updates.
Mr. Logue: Email him with any questions. He is also available at lunch if you set an appointment.
Mr. Hardy: Email with questions. He is also available before school, at lunch, and after school.
Makeup Work
Mr. Fastlaben: Late work will be accepted for partial credit until the end of the unit of study. Do your work on time!
Mr. Hall: Latework: if you can’t get something done on time ask for an extension.  If it’s just plain late with no good excuse then it’s half credit.
Grading Policies
Mr. Logue & Mr. Hardy: Academic Engagement 10%, Vocabulary 10%, Geography 10%
Traditional Assessments 35%, Performance Assessments 35%. Not everything is graded. Students will be expected to use what they are learning in class to master the content.
Mr. Fastlaben & Mr. Hall: 60% ASSESSMENTS-Tests, quizzes, essays, and projects. 30% INDEPENDENT PRACTICE- Completion of daily classroom assignments. 10% Academic Engagement- Participation in class activities, discussion, and group work.
Contact Information
7th Grade
8th Grade
Mr. Fastlaben: [email protected]
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