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Mission Statement

Mesa Mission
This year doing our summer professional development the Mesa staff revisited its mission statement. Through a collaborative effort over the summer Mesa developed a new mission statement.

Mesa MS will inspire and prepare students for success in our rapidly changing world by building critical thinking skills, technological abilities, global awareness and respect for our school’s core values.
(Honesty, Achievement, Work ethic, Kindness)
Mesa is a Professional Learning Community (PLC)
In the 2019-20 school year, Mesa committed itself to the work of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). In the year 2020-21, we will continue that work. Each teacher is part of a collaborative team that works together to develop instructional practices that support all students. As such, Mesa staff has committed to the following:
Mesa Commitments
  1. We believe all students can learn at high levels.
  2. We will do all we can to make sure all students learn at high levels.
  3. We will work in collaboration, not isolation.
  4. We will establish, maintain, and restore/repair relationships with all Mesa stakeholders.
In order to do this work, each team will create the following as part of the PLC process: 1. Using data from test scores and information from lower grade levels to develop 6-10 essential standards that all students need to have mastered before moving on to the next grade; 2. Each team will develop common formative assessments (CFAs) to track student progress. 3. Teams will analyze the data from these CFAs and develop interventions (for those that did not learn the standard the first time) and enrichments (for those that did learn the standard the first time). The results of the CFAs will also give Mesa teachers an opportunity to reflect on first teaching so lessons/units can be adapted the next time they are taught. Lastly, these results will inform our staff on how we can best create a schoolwide intervention system for students who continue to struggle even after they have received in-class interventions.

Mesa Middle School gained distinction as a California Distinguished School in 1999 and as a California Demonstration School in Physical Education in 1997. Over the past five years, we have focused on a continuous cycle of school improvement. We have analyzed our student data and developed instructional calendars and targets based on this data. We have strengthened our instructional practices, focused on reaching all students, especially El learners and economically disadvantaged students. Over the past five years, we have made great strides in the implementation and use of technology to enhance teaching and learning. We have regularly assessed and monitored student progress. We have implemented a comprehensive and wide-ranging array of intervention strategies and support programs for struggling learners. In 2006 we scored an API of 780, a gain of 24 points! We also met our AYP goals, both school-wide and all subgroups, including English Language Learners. We made significant progress in closing the achievement gap in math and made strong gains in language. All students "did their best" on the STAR and demonstrated their commitment to academic excellence.

Mesa currently houses 545 students in grades 7 through 8 in 28 classrooms, not including our Physical Education facilities. Our student population is comprised of: 2% African-American, 1% American Indian, 1% Asian, 58% Hispanic or Latino, 1% Pacific Islander, and 35% white. Mesa's Economically Disadvantaged students (66%) and English Language Learners, which include RFEP and EL (43%), students designated at "in transition", or homeless (8%), and students living with foster families (2%) comprise significant sub groups of our student population. Students with disabilities (15%), are other special populations. 

Many intervention programs are offered to support our at-risk students. Support interventions emphasize a wide range of one-hour Study Lab sessions offered 1-4 days per week by credentialed teachers in all core subjects and ongoing counseling groups and services. Interventions also include: before school, break, lunchtime, and after school tutoring in all subject areas: a drop-in after school Homework Club, special education collaborative classes, after school Math tutoring, and class size reduction teachers to support math and language instruction.

We welcome and encourage parent involvement at Mesa Middle School. Parents serve on parent advisory committees, volunteer in classrooms and as special tutors or instructors, join us for special presentations or recognition events, judge events or student work, chaperone activities and coordinate special events. We currently have parents on our School Site Council, our English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC), one staff member serving on the District Advisory Council, and in our Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). For parents looking for connection to community resources, we have a Family Advocate on campus every week.

Communication between Mesa and our community is facilitated through a school/community liaison staff member (Family Advocate), an annual parent survey, school participation in the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce, student and staff participation in community events such as the Nipomo Oktoberfest, student performances at community events such as the Elks parade, student participation in community contests, parent education courses, our committed PTSA parents, and parent involvement in school committees. A strong partnership with our parents is vital to our students' success. Mesa seeks out local community organizations that will support and enrich our curriculum. The San Luis Obispo County Office of Education provides valuable professional development opportunities for both certificated and classified staff. We collaborate with SLOCOE and AVID Region 8 on our AVID Program. We offer AVID at both the 7th and 8th grade level. Cal Poly, SLO partners with us through its ETS: Educational Talent Search program. ETS reaches out to underrepresented students to expose them to college opportunities and possibilities. ConocoPhillips, an oil refinery on the Nipomo Mesa is a huge corporate sponsor for us. They have supported our student planners, provided new benches and tables, and donated fitness equipment for our student/ staff fitness center. Mesa's school community continues to unify through our common vision- "Excellence in Every Endeavor." We make every effort to reach all learners and help all students achieve. We believe that we must do our utmost to continuously improve our programs in order to ensure that all students achieve and experience positive middle school years.