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Mission Statement

Mesa Mission
The following mission statement was created (with staff and stakeholder input) in 2019.
Mesa MS will inspire and prepare students for success in our rapidly changing world by building critical thinking skills, technological abilities, global awareness, and respect for our school’s core values.

Mesa MS will ensure that all students are prepared to enter high school having the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.
Mesa is a Professional Learning Community (PLC)
In the 2019-20 school year, Mesa committed itself to the work of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). In the year 2023-24, we will continue that work. Each teacher is part of a collaborative team that works together to develop instructional practices that support all students. As such, Mesa staff has committed to the following:
Mesa Commitments
  1. We believe all students can learn at high levels.
  2. We will do all we can to make sure all students learn at high levels.
  3. We will work in collaboration, not isolation.
  4. We will establish, maintain, and restore/repair relationships with all Mesa stakeholders.
In order to do this work, each team will create the following as part of the PLC process: 1. Using data from test scores and information from lower grade levels to develop essential standards that all students need to have mastered before moving on to the next grade; 2. Each team will develop common formative assessments (CFAs) to track student progress. 3. Teams will analyze the data from these CFAs and develop interventions (for those that did not learn the standard the first time) and enrichments (for those that did learn the standard the first time). The results of the CFAs will also give Mesa teachers an opportunity to reflect on first teaching so lessons/units can be adapted the next time they are taught. Lastly, these results will inform our staff on how we can best create a schoolwide intervention system for students who continue to struggle even after they have received in-class interventions.

Mesa currently houses about 500 students in grades 7 through 8 in 28 classrooms, not including our Physical Education facilities. Our student population is comprised of: 2% African-American, 1% American Indian, 1% Asian, 62% Hispanic or Latino, 1% Pacific Islander, and 31% White. Mesa's Economically Disadvantaged students (72%) and English Language Learners, which include RFEP and EL (43%), students designated at "in transition", or homeless (8%), and students living with foster families (2%) comprise significant sub groups of our student population. Students with disabilities (15%), are other special populations.