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Principal's Message

Dear Mesa Students, Families, and Supporters,

We are poised for another great year at Mesa Middle School. Our school has many extra-curricular activities and sports. A high quality middle school experience is often defined by a student’s participation in opportunities that fall outside of the bell schedule, and we strongly encourage our students to participate in many activities.

There are quite a few new faces this year at Mesa. With each new hire, we provide training and support at the state, district, and Mesa site level. Often times a new teacher’s greatest supports are the colleagues they work along side each and every day. Parents are also a great support to teachers, so please do your part to open up the lines of communication. Tell us what we are doing well and what we can improve on. We are in the business of learning, and that goes for everyone here at Mesa. Thank you in advance for your invovlement and support of your student’s education. Here is some basic info on our new staff members, who they are replacing, and what they are slated to be teaching.

Rocky Logue- Mr. Logue is coming from Templeton Middle School, but he is from Nipomo, so many of our parents likely know him from the Nipomo community. He brings a wealth of experience integrating technology into his 7th grade Social Studies curriculum. In addition to his expertise in the classroom, he will also be serving as one of our site professional development leaders, helping to train staff in google suite for education and other areas of professional development. He has a wife who also works in Lucia Mar, a daughter who will be a 7th grade Mesa student this year, and a son. 
Mary Ellen Mosley- Mrs. Mosley is joining us from Old Mission School in San Luis Obispo where she had been teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Science. This experience will serve her well in her new position at Mesa teaching 8th grade science. Mrs. Mosley grew up in the area and went to our Lucia Mar schools, implemented a program called Trout in the Classroom, and is happy to be joining the staff here at Mesa. She has two kids, a husband and a dog.
Marcia Brase- Mrs. Brase is coming from Fairgrove where she taught 6th grade. She will be teaching 7th grade Math. I was fortunate to hire Mrs. Brase a few years back at Nipomo Elementary when she began her teaching career in Lucia Mar. She has a husband, a son, and enjoys surfing in her free time. 
Meredith Nguyen- Mrs. Nguyen is originally from San Jose and has been teaching in Cupertino for the last 7 years. She will be joining our teaching staff as one of our Special Education teachers. She is married and has a two year old daughter.

Bell Schedule start and dismissal times remain unchanged from last year for

Tuesday - Friday:
7:50 a.m. first bell, tardy bell at 7:54, dismissal at 2:10
On Mondays, our bell schedule has changed. The tardy bell now rings at 8:54 instead of 9:04:
8:50 a.m. first bell, tardy bell at 8:54, dismissal at 2:10
The vast majority of work meetings, trainings, and planning will occur from 7:40-8:40 on late start Mondays.

Google Certification for staff:
Lucia Mar Unified School District is a Google Suite for Education organization. That means that all staff and students are able to access the many google applications (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides, etc) free of charge. This sets them up for a world that increasingly uses these tools to get things done. In order to support this focus and our students, it is important that we support our staff in this learning as well. This year, our goal is to get all of our staff members Google Level 1 certified, which means they have a good grasp of all of the tools that google provides. We are also looking to get a few staff members Google Level 2 certified. Professional Development during Late Start Mondays will support staff in this as well as how we utilize technology to positively affect student learning and key skills for the 21st century: the 4 C's- Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. 

Mesa PTSA:

Our PTSA supports academics and activities through fundraising, volunteering on campus, and organizing events to support our students. If you are interested in helping, please email Crystal Alley, PTSA president at mesahawksptsa@gmail.com and/or Brett Gimlin at brett.gimlin@lmusd.org.


The Middle School years are exciting, energetic, and, at times, stressful for students and parents. Through the efforts of everyone on campus, we have created a program here at Mesa that supports students both academically and socially. We encourage regular feedback from the community we serve, so please contact me whenever you have an idea to share, a concern, or any questions. We are proud of the tight discipline policy we enforce at school, and have no tolerance for any behavior that makes your student’s experience anything less than excellent here at Mesa Middle School. I sincerely wish you and your student an excellent school year!

-Brett Gimlin, Principal
474-3400, ext. 4280