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Welcome to Mesa Middle Science
If you wish to contact your Science teacher, please use the emails listed below.

Science 7 Essential Standards:

  • I can identify the states of matter and explain why they change from one state to another as well as how temperature affects particle motion and causes the state to change.

  • I can use measurement tools to determine the properties of matter such as mass, volume, density and temperature.

  • I can analyze and explain the evidence to determine if a physical change or a chemical reaction has occurred.

  • I can identify and explain the difference between an element, compound, or a mixture.

  • I can describe the structure of atoms, simple molecules, and extended structures and build models representing each structure.

  • I can explain how and why the Earth’s crust moves and provide evidence of fossils, rocks, and the shapes of the continents as proof.

  • I can describe how the processes of Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration work together to allow matter and energy to flow in and out of living things.

  • I can explain how living things interact with each other and their environment throughout multiple ecosystems.


Science 8 Essential Standards
  • How does gravity influence the structures and systems of the universe?

  • How do scientists use the Earth-Sun-Moon system to predict and communicate the phenomena patterns we see on Earth

  • What evidence is used to support the claim that throughout Earth’s 4.6 billion years, life on Earth has changed in response to changes in Earth’s four systems?

  • How can the interactions between objects be described, explained and predicted?

  • How are some objects able to interact at distances?

  • What role does energy play in the motion of objects?

  • How do waves transfer energy and information?

Science Information and Policies
When and How to Get Help
Mr. Reeves: You can talk with him before or after class, or during a break in class. Also, you can email him.

The number one reason for low grades is not turning in work. Missing assignments show up as a red box on Aeries, so it’s easy to spot. If you want to raise your grade then do the missing work and email me to let me know that I need to grade it. Once all assignments are in and if you still want to raise your grade, then do the extra credit assignments that I offer.

Ms. Mosley: 
- Email me!  I am here to help you catch back up, but please don't wait too long.
Makeup Work
Mr. Reeves: It depends on the semester. First semester I don’t take off late points on regular assignments. Second semester I do and my policy is one letter grade lower on the assignment for each day that you see me and you haven't turned in the assignment. However, I do take late points off for all projects, no matter the time of year. Of course, if a student is absent and turns in work in a timely manner, I never take off late points.
Ms. Mosley:
- Log Onto Google Classroom. Check the “This week's work”
- Check Aeries!  Red boxes mean your teacher is missing the work.
- Double-check that you remembered to “turn it in”
Grading Policies
Mr. Reeves: I grade using the standard scale. See my syllabus for more details on that. Students should only check Aeries to see their grade in my class, not Google Classroom. In my classes, Google Classroom is where assignments are turned in and Aeries is for posting grades on those assignments.
Ms. Mosley:
- Each day you will get credit for showing up to class, participating, and putting forth your best effort.
- Throughout each unit, we will be working towards mastery of the standards.  This grade is flexible, meaning, if you do not master the learning target the first time around, we will work together to relearn, retry, and level up!
- Quizzes/Projects (How you level up) 60%  Summative Assessments (Boss Level) 40%
Contact Information
7th Grade
Ms. Heinrich: [email protected]
Mr. Reeves: [email protected]
8th Grade
Ms. Mosley: [email protected]
Ms. Personius: [email protected]
Link to Syllabi
Mesa Science Website (click on the link for even more information about Mesa Science)