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Welcome to Mesa Middle Academic Success
If you wish to contact your child's teacher or case manager, please use the emails listed below.
Academic Success Information and Policies
When and How to Get Help
Mr. Sandoval: Email or through parentsquare with any questions. I am also available at lunch by setting an appointment.
Makeup Work
Mr. Sandoval: Latework: I will accept all late work all the way up until the the semester ends.

Retests on all learning targets can be taken at any time.  Students may retest for full credit on the standards not previously mastered.

Grading Policies
Mr. Sandoval: Students will be graded on the following scale: Independent Practice / Participation (Completion of daily assignments) - 50% Assessments (May include tests, quizzes, projects) - 50%
0 points - Blank; not started 0%, 1 point Barely started or answers with no work; 40% or lower, 2 points - Almost finished; 40-70%, 4 points Completed with all work; 70% or higher.
Contact Information
Mr. Kirker: [email protected]
Ms. Goodrich: [email protected]
Mr. Pierson: kyle [email protected]
Mr. Sandoval: [email protected]