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Reopening FAQ

Mesa is reopening on March 15!
Please remember the following:
  • In-person instruction is only for students that are already signed-up for our in-person AM/PM hybrid schedule based on the selection you make on the survey last November. 
  • No transportation is provided.
Use this page as a guide for our return to in-person instruction in a hybrid format. If you have any questions, call us at 805-474-3400.
Please watch the video below for information for students and parents on what to expect coming back and how to stay safe.
What will the schedule be for when students return to in-person instruction?
Below is the schedule for in-person instruction in the "hybrid" model that LMUSD adopted. Please note that if your child's last name begins with A-L they will be accessing synchronous instruction in the morning. If their last name begins with M-Z they will access synchronous instruction in the afternoon. During the asynchronous time, students will work independently on work assigned by their teachers.
Remember that Fridays continue to be asynchronous days. There is no in-person instruction on Fridays. Students will continue attending their Advisory from 9-9:30 on Fridays.

AM Schedule

Mesa AM Schedule (in-person)
Mesa AM Schedule- online
Horario de la mañana
En persona
Mesa AM Schedule in person espanol
En línea
Mesa am Schedule online espanol
PM Schedule
PM In Person Schedule
Mesa pm schedule online
Horario de la tarde
En persona
PM En Persona- Horario
En línea
Mesa pm schedule online espanol


If my child is coming in-person what materials will they need to bring with them?
Students attending in-person will need the following:
  • Their school-issued Chromebook
  • A mask (must be worn at all times on when on school grounds)
  • A water bottle (all water fountains have been turned off)
  • Warm clothes (all classrooms will have doors and windows open to allow for optimal air-flow)
  • Any materials needed for schoolwork (notebooks, textbooks, novels, etc.)
What are the expectations for my child in-person?
  • All students will need to wear an appropriate mask or approved face covering while on campus
  • Students are expected to use hand sanitizer (school provided) or wash their hands upon entering the classroom
  • Students will follow all school required health and safety protocols while on campus
  • Students should go directly to class upon entering campus
  • Students need to leave campus promptly at the end of the school day
  • Please be sure your child is well fed prior to coming on campus. We will not have a nutrition break during our in-person session. If your family needs resources for food please check the Food Services website.
I've heard about a COVID Screener that will need to be filled out if my child is returning in-person. What is that?
All students must have completed a COVID Screener EVERY DAY that they come onto campus before they step into their class. Parents should be completing the screener for their child each day. (Note: if you forget to complete the screener, we can screen your child at school, but it will delay their entry to class.) Please watch the video below to see how to fill out the screener.
Where and when do I drop my child off?
All students are to be dropped off in the bus loading zone. (For the AM please drop off no earlier than 7:30 am. For the PM session drop off no earlier than 11:25 am.)
Where and when do I pick my child up?
Pick-up is right at 10:25 am for the AM session and 2:20 for the PM session. Please pick up promptly. We need students off campus as soon as possible.
7th-grade pick-up is in the parking lot.
parking lot
8th-grade pick-up is at the bus loading zone
.bus loading zone
Note: If you are picking up multiple grade levels they should be picked up at the bus loading zone. 
What precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of COVID at the school for students returning in-person?
There are many measures that the school and district have taken. Please see the list below for a guide to many of them.
  • Changed and upgraded the air filtration system.
  • Hybrid schedule to allow for distancing
  • Classrooms set up for physical distancing
  • Windows and doors open in class for airflow
  • Water fountains turned off to limit potential virus contact
  • 7 portable hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the campus
  • Signage around campus to direct student movement so contact is limited
  • Cleaning and disinfecting protocols in between classes and groups
  • Limited number of students in a restroom at a time to mitigate contact (depends on the size of the restroom)
How will my child travel safely from class to class and around the school?
We have signage and visual directions throughout the campus to allow for students to safely travel throughout our campus. Students will need to be aware of what each symbol means. 
Arrows are used to direct students in a certain direction.
Dots are used to tell students where they are to stand while waiting.
What happens if my child starts feeling sick at school?
First, DO NOT send your child to school if they are experiencing any COVID symptoms. However, if your child should experience any symptoms while in school they should immediately tell an adult (most likely the teacher in their classroom). The teacher will then immediately send your child to the office. The office will call the family of the student to come pick them up (make sure your contact information with the school is up to date and accurate). The student will wait on one of the benches outside the office (weather permitting) or in one of our isolation rooms in the office until they are picked up. 
A district official will be in touch with the family to guide them on the next steps. Expect contract tracing to happen. For more details please refer to the LMUSD COVID Prevention Plan.
My child is new to Mesa and does not know the campus. How will they know how to get around?
We provided an in-person Orientation on March 12 for all students new to Mesa. A map of the school with teacher names on rooms was sent to all Mesa students. Students should use that map to mark their classes. The first few days of school we will have staff helping students find their way.
I am worried about my child continuing with distance learning. What recommendations are there for my child to succeed?
Read the information in the image below and click on it for more details and help.
How to be successful in Distance Learning